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The SAVE project, an acronym for “Social Added Value of Employability", aims to create a series of tools to support professionals working with adults with a low schooling level.

Low schooling is one of the main socio-demographic negative variables linked to inclusion behaviors and global citizenship. In particular, adults with a low schooling level are a target at risk of radicalization, given that the crossing of those two data (age and school level) can easily lead to hate and xenophobia phenomena, especially in the present digital age where a basic literacy is fundamental to be able to recognize fake-news and participate positively in the community.

Most initiatives to promote common values ​​and intercultural skills, carried out by the project partners and more generally in Europe, have so far focused on a target of young people mostly with reference to the formal education system, while very little has been done for a target of adults. Therefore, another project’s objective is to improve the training offer’s quality provided by Training agencies for adults with low skills/qualification. Such improvement will be achieved adding to the training courses a transversal dimension of inclusion values and active citizenship, represented by the subject of global citizenship.

CRIA is working on this project, co-funded by the Erasmus + Program, together with: SOLCO (Italy) acting as coordinator, CEMEA (Italy), the Association Odyssée (France), the Akademie Klausenhof (Denmark) and the People’s University of Celje (Slovenia).

If you are interested in learning more about the project you can take a look at the attached document below or visit the project website at: save-project-erasmus-english

Contact email CRIA – European Projects: criaprojecteseuropeus@gmail.com



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