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Our consulting services have as their main goal the business and territorial improvement and growth, in a sustainable and socially responsible way. All within the framework of economic promotion and job creation, lifelong learning and the development of the territory’s endogenous resources, working in collaboration with the different social and economic agents and a European perspective.

Entrepeneurship & Business

Consulting for the SME
Generation of entrepeneurial initiatives

We offer:

• Business consulting and management services for business growth and consolidation

• Business cooperation programs with countries from the European Union and Latin America

• Design and development of business creation, consolidation and innovation programs

• Sector analysis and market studies

Learning & Continuous training

Learning to manage change
Growing as people and professionals

We offer:

• Analysis of training needs

• Tailor-made training for business groups and associations, other organizations and SMEs

• Training of trainers and management teams

Design and production of training materials and tools

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Territorial intervention

Know to act
Studies, planning and process management

Socio-economic radiography of the territories

Design and implementation of technical teams for local socio-economic revitalization and job creation

Information systems for the management of training and employment

Strategic planning for the economic and employment development

Master and operational plans for local socio-economic development

Projects for socio-economic revitalization, insertion and employment

Creativity & Social activities

Looking for opportunities for the social and professional insertion of people

• Community Development Plans following the methodology: RESEARCH AND PARTICIPATORY ACTION

• Design, management and evaluation of local programs and regional and European calls for employment and social and economic development

• Training of Agents teams for insertion and economic development

• Advice for the creation and management of insertion companies

• Development of tools and resources for the employment

• Sector analysis and market studies