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CRIA, S.L. (Center of Resources and Initiatives for the Self-Employment in Catalan & Spanish) – performs as consultory and trainer of xarxa Promocions. We are a private organization that designs and provides of technical services those environments, both private and public, that are interested in the improvement of the life conditions of people and a more solidary and sustainable economic development.

From CRIA, we offer advanced and personalized services with a global focus in the improvement of: the public intervention in the territory, the management and the development of programs, as well as the organizations, institutions and the entrepreneur network.

In addition, we believe it’s necessary to go further from the conventional “economic growth” looking for being able to generate opportunities for the complete development of the people, with the improvement of their well-being and quality of life, building this way the principle of active citizenship.

Our base team is compound of 3 partners and a network of professionals and thematic specialists.

Our office is located in Barcelona
at nº 5 of Plaça de la Vila de Madrid