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The Erasmus + EuFast project aims to promote and facilitate to newcomers, their social, cultural integration and active participation, based on their training in oral communication and their skills for communication with the new environment such as: active listening, body language, kindness, clarity, empathy and respect.

All by using role-playing games and multilingual social story scenarios, within a virtual simulation environment accessible through the use of mobile devices.

The project, which is co-financed by Erasmus +, has the participation of: COCREATE (project coordinator) (GR), Theofanis Alexandridis Kai SIA EE (GR), Integration Center for Migrant Workers- Ecumenical Refugee Program (GR), Associazione SALAM ONG (IT), Resource Center and Initiatives for Self-Employment sl (ES), Sant Boi City Council (ES), MMC Management Center Limited (CY) and Akademie Klausenhof gGmbH (DE)

For more information you can take a look at the following document and/or the project website: https://www.eufast.eu/